Is there anyone among us who doesn’t yearn for the plethora of food available to us in the 70s? Some of it was delicious, and some was simply fun. Here, we hope to give each of these delicacies a deserved moment in the spotlight.

Jul 102014
C&C Cola

While the two soft drink giants, Coke and Pepsi, waged war against each other throughout the 1970s, New Yorkers enjoyed a third alternative. With its unique flavor and enticing bargain price for anyone on a budget, C&C Cola managed to contend with the two behemoths and win the hearts of many a Long Island family.

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Jun 152014
Bomb Pop

During those muggy summers in the 70s, there was no sound more welcome than the jingling bells of the ice cream man. And one of his more popular items was always the patriotic popsicle known as a Bomb Pop. Sporting the three colors of the American flag, each representing a tasty layer of flavor, the Bomb Pop soothed many a soul during those dog days of summer.

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Mar 242014

The discontinued candy graveyard is filled with confections that once delighted us in our youth, yet for one reason or another, dropped off the radar. Such was the case with a sweet treat from the 70s called Choco’Lite, an airy candy bar consisting of whipped milk chocolate and something described on the wrapper as “crispy chips.” Today, they are but a memory.

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Nov 122013
Candy Cigarettes

Perhaps one of the most ill-conceived confections ever devised, candy cigarettes enjoyed enormous popularity among children of decades past, and the 1970s was no exception. Available in a variety of forms, they gave kids a way to emulate their heroes of the day, who always seemed to have a cigarette dangling from their lips, or a pack rolled up in their t-shirt sleeve.

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Aug 272013
Jack in the Box

When it comes to places that are no more, Jack in the Box might seem an odd inclusion for those not living in New York. In other parts of the nation, the fast food chain not only exists, but thrives. Unfortunately, they started disappeared from Long Island at the end of the 1970s and have yet to return despite their success elsewhere.

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Aug 232013

It’s Friday night and you have a date planned with that special someone. After heading out for pizza or a Fribble, you head to the local drive-in or roller rink. But if that romantic mood strikes, the last thing you need is pizza breath. Not to worry,as long as you had a plastic box in your pocket filled with Dynamints. These flavorful candies were always ready to lend a helping hand.

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Aug 142013
Buried Treasure

When the ice cream man visited your neighborhood, you had some quick decisions to make, like how to best spend that handful of change, ensuring you got the most bang for your ice cream buck. For many, the decision was simple – Buried Treasure. This frozen treat not only soothed the summer heat, but once finished, you were left with a cool little plastic toy.

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Aug 112013

Forget those adult TV dinners. Back in the 70s, youngsters had their very own line of frozen meals. Libbyland dinners may not have lasted long, but they made quite an impression on millions of former kids who fondly remember these kid-friendly meals to this day.

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Aug 072013
Goldenberg's Peanut Chews

Much of America remains in the dark when it comes to Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews, a tasty chocolate-covered confection that has satisfied the sweet tooth of millions of East Coasters for nearly a century. But, although they were quite popular during the 1970s, a radical packaging change almost spelled the demise of this decidedly tasty treat.

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