Frequently Asked Questions


Why did you create this site?

I love to reminisce about my childhood in Long Island. I thought others might enjoy a resource that would allow them to do the same. This is my gift to anyone who grew up on Long Island in the 70s and I hope it continues to prosper and grow for a long time.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up on Walnut Avenue in Ronkonkoma. I attended First St. Elementary School (now Helen B. Duffield Elementary), Peconic Jr. High (now Ronkonkoma Middle School) and Connetquot High School.

So, what makes you the expert?

Finally, a question with a little New York attitude!

The answer is: I’m not an expert – far from it, actually. But I do bring a couple of talents to the table. First, I lived on Long Island from 1970-1983. With the exception of a few years, the only Long Island I remember is the one that existed in the 70s, therefore my recollection of the era is somewhat pure. Second, I’m a professional writer who has authored thousands of published articles on pop culture from the 1950s to the 1990s. When it comes to old foods, toys, music, etc., I’m pretty hard to stump. Here, I’m able to combine my passion for the era with my years of blogging experience, to hopefully create a little time machine of sorts for others who also spent their childhood in this special time and place.

But again, I’m not an expert on this stuff (although I’d like to be). To that end, I’m confident that a bunch of former Long Island 70s Kids will lend a hand and school me when I’m wrong. I put a lot of research into each of my articles, but some of my sources are far from perfect. I expect to be corrected frequently, and that’s okay. The goal here is to provide an excellent source of information, no ego allowed. I want to get it right.

What is the Long Island 70s Store and why should I buy something there?

The Long Island 70s Store offers over 400 items that are reminiscent of the 70s. Every purchase through our store helps to finance this site and help it grow by earning us a small commission. We appreciate your patronage very much.

What is Long Island 70s TV?

Long Island 70s TV is a collection of YouTube playlists we created to reminisce about those glory days of 70s TV. You will find everything from local commercials to Saturday morning cartoons there.

What is Long Island 70s Radio

Long Island 70s Radio is a collection of YouTube playlists we created to give the visitor to our site some appropriate background music while exploring. Simply click on the year of your choice which will open another browser window. Click on that window and click “play all” at the top. Then, head back to the first window and check out our site while listening to a selection of hits from the era. Give it a try; it’s pretty groovy.

Do you accept photos?

Of course! We hope to develop a wonderful archive of Long Island photos from the era. You can send anything you think might be of interest to longisland70skid@gmail.com. Please keep in mind that we prefer images of places rather than people and we ask that the photos be from the 70s decade. Exceptions will be made to later photos that show a place which no longer exists.

How can I support this site and ensure that it sticks around?

There are a few ways, actually.

– First, please, please, please, tell your friends. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, where we will keep you informed of all new additions to the site and also present unique content. Share, retweet, Like … you know the drill.

– Consider purchasing something from our Long Island 70s Store. We have no outside funding and rely on your generosity to keep us afloat.

– Explore our site thoroughly and often. There is plenty of nostalgia to explore here. Watch some TV on the site, read a few articles, check out our picture gallery, listen to music, play video games. That’s what it’s all here for … you!

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