Long Island 70s TV


Any kid who grew up on Long Island in the 70s watched his or her fair share of television. Here, at Long Island 70s TV, we’ve harnessed the power of YouTube to create these television blasts from the past. Check back often, as we update this page and the individual videos on a regular basis!


  • Long Island 70s TV – Vol. 1

Our first offering presents some great television promos, classic NY commercials, and other local programming. Click, then sit back and relax, just like you might have done back in the day.


  • Long Island 70s TV – Saturday Morning

Imagine yourself curled up in a blanket, a bowl of cereal by your side, and the gleeful anticipation of a Saturday morning filled with cartoons and other fun. Let’s go back to the 70s shall we?

  • Long Island 70s TV – Prime Time

There might have only been three networks to choose from, but there was still plenty of fun for a youngster to have watching TV in the evenings. ABC pretty much ruled the era, but there was plenty to offer from CBS and NBC as well. Let’s take a look back.

  • Long Island 70s TV – Daytime TV

If you ever stayed home sick from school and did a little channel surfing, this is some of what you might have seen.

  • Long Island 70s TV – Children’s Shows

There was plenty for a kid to watch on TV during the 70s. Here are some of the great shows you might have watched during your 70s childhood.

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  2 Responses to “Long Island 70s TV”

  1. yeah the Magic Garden On Channel 11…..who didn’t have a crush on Carole?!

  2. I remember staying home from school…TV was a black hole, innundated with “classic” gems such as Love: American style, family affair with muffy, buffy and Mr. French (blech!)
    and the worst of all, Soap operas!!! The theme song to “the days of our lives” is burned into my brain like a scar from a traumatic head wound that you still feel the faint pain from years later.

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