The Long Island 70s Kid site is dedicated to painting as vivid a picture as possible of a beloved time and place. To that end, and to the best of our ability, we’ve begun a compilation of media resources to immerse the visitor into the era as best we can.

Using the links below, you can shop for items relevant to the 70s. You can spend some time in our free arcade. You can watch some pretty entertaining video compilations that will make you feel as if you are watching TV back in the day. Or, you can take advantage of our year-specific music playlists that allow you to listen to the biggest hits of each year, and keep browsing the site while you listen! You can browse around our image gallery and see a great collection of photos that capture the island in the 70s. Finally, you can further your exploration through our extensive list of web links to Long Island and/or 70s websites.

We hope you enjoy. We’re just getting started here.

Long Island 70s Store

Long Island 70s Arcade

Long Island 70s TV

Long Island 70s Radio

Image Gallery

Long Island Links

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