Author: 70sKid


Egg Cream

A staple of the New York diner, the egg cream is one of those childhood items that always seemed a little more special than the typical soft drink. And since it contains neither eggs, nor cream, it’s also a wonderful example of false advertising, but nobody cares much about that. … read more



Any 70s kid could become an instant artist thanks to the Spirograph, a drawing toy that used plastic tools to create complex and colorful geometric shapes. The toy provided endless hours of entertainment and proved enormously popular in the 70s and beyond. Let’s take a look back. … read more


Joya’s Fun School

If you remember watching The Magic Garden in the 70s, you may also remember that it didn’t appear on Fridays. Those were reserved for a beloved little series called Joya’s Fun School. Filled with stories, songs and other activities, the show was a local educational favorite for over a decade. … read more


Shea Stadium

Baseball has never suffered any shortage of popularity on Long Island. And, with the amazing performance by the “Miracle Mets” in 1969, millions of fans flocked to Shea Stadium in the 70s to watch their National League heroes, as well as football games and a number of concerts. And though Shea has since met its demise, memories of this stadium remain strong. … read more


Record Vacuum

Surely you recall all those gadget commercials of the 70s. One such entity was a handy device called the Record Vacuum. Place your prized albums into the slot and watch as all the dust is magically removed, making it just like new! At least that’s what the commercials proclaimed. The reality, as is the case with most gadgets, didn’t quite live up to the expectations. … read more


Blizzard of 1978

If you lived in Long Island during the 70s, then you likely remember the February of 1978, when the island, and much of the Northeast was blanketed with the worst storm of the decade. Let’s take a look back at the memorable blizzard of 1978 that brought New York to a standstill. … read more


Sea Monkeys

Anyone in the vicinity of a comic book as a kid, was aware of those lovable Sea Monkeys. One look at the ads suggested evidence of evolved creatures, almost human, who lounged around their aquatic surroundings without a care. And if these depictions compelled you to adopt a family of your own, then you were also going to learn a little about marketing. … read more


McDonaldland Cookies

As a kid, no meal at McDonald’s was complete without a box of McDonaldland Cookies. Featuring such familiar faces as Grimace, Hamburgler, Officer Big Mac, Captain Crook and, of course, Ronald himself, these tasty morsels were a must-have desert. Sadly, there are becoming harder to find with each passing year. … read more



One of the more memorable toys of the 70s was a handheld game called Blip. It emerged among a sea of handheld electronic games and held its own, which is somewhat surprising. For, although Blip was described as “the Digital Game,” it was entirely mechanical. The only electronic part was a single, red LED light. … read more


Beefsteak Charlie’s

If you grew up on Long Island in the 70s, you likely remember a place called Beefsteak Charlie’s. You may never have eaten there, but the constant barrage of commercials on television ensured that you were aware of its existence, and the fact that they wanted to spoil you. Let’s take a look back. … read more