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Parents didn’t buy their children Toughskins in the 70s because they were fashionable. Rather, these infamous Sears pants were constructed from the closest thing to Kryptonite the fashion world had ever created, a virtually-indestructible denim that could take some serious kid punishment and live to tell the tale. … read more


Ice Cream Man

Pavlov would have been proud. A few rings of the bell could send any kid into a mad dash towards the nearest source of loose change, in a valient attempt to soothe the scorching summer heat. Such was the power of the ice cream man, bearer of all things frozen and a common sight on Long Island in the 70s. … read more


New Zoo Review

If you have vague childhood memories of waking up to a singing frog, hippo and owl, don’t worry; you likely aren’t suffering from dementia. Rather, you are just one of many 1970s kids who remembers watching The New Zoo Review. Airing in syndication throughout the country, this popular children’s show is still fondly remembered by millions. … read more


Mad Libs

Before the advent of electronic games, we actually had to use our imagination to entertain ourselves. And, if wordplay was your thing, you probably played a game called Mad Libs. Popular at parties, road trips or anywhere else where boredom reared its ugly head, this simple, and often hilarious, activity has remained popular for over fifty years. … read more



He was the epitome of cool, and just about every boy in the 70s wanted to be Fonzie. Sporting a motorcycle, black leather jacket, masterful command of jukeboxes (and other appliances) and most importantly, a superhuman ability to attract the opposite sex, he won the hearts of millions of TV viewers on the popular series, Happy Days. … read more


The Electric Company

Many of us grew up learning letters and numbers from our pals who lived on Sesame Street. Once we felt more confident, it was time to move to another PBS series for the slightly older set. The Electric Company was poised to challenge our young minds in new and entertaining ways, earning a rightful place in the history of children’s programming. … read more


Davey and Goliath

After all that wonderful gratuitous violence we witnessed on Saturday mornings in the 70s, television programmers must have figured that we needed a little moral guidance the following day. To that end, there was a boy and his dog named Davey and Goliath, who had plenty to learn about life and lots of advice to share with young viewers. … read more


Captain Kangaroo

There isn’t a kid from the 70s that doesn’t remember a kindly old gentleman named Captain Kangaroo. Portrayed by actor Bob Keeshan for three decades, the enormously popular children’s show of his own design was there waiting for us every weekday morning without fail. Looking back, we were all richer from our childhood encounters with Captain Kangaroo.
… read more


Dixie Riddle Cups

During those hots days of summer in the 1970s, youngsters had the opportunity to quench their kid-sized thirst – AND learn a new joke at the same time, something sure to make their friends giggle. Dixie Riddle Cups were there whenever you needed a few gulps of water or Kool-Aid to wet your whistle, and they remain fondly remembered to this day. … read more


Highlights for Children

Question: What publication is most likely to be found in the waiting room of a doctor or dentist? Answer: Highlights for Children. For over seven decades, this kid-friendly magazine has served to entertain, educate and even offer a little moral guidance to millions of youngsters around the country. … read more