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Summer Vacation

There were few greater moments in childhood than that glorious day in June when you walked from your school for the final time and stepped into summer vacation. The warden had granted his scholastic reprieve for a handful of weeks and it was up to you to make the best of them, to cram every bit of fun you could muster into those dog days of summer. … read more



If you spent your childhood on Long Island in the 70s, then you surely remember Wonderama, an entertaining kids show that ran for decades on WNEW-TV. Hosted by the affable Bob McAllister, it was hands-down the best thing on television on Sunday mornings and, as such, is fondly remembered to this day by millions of 70s kids. … read more



We’re wagering a guess that you not only remember Zoom, but that you might even be humming the theme song as you read this (“We’re gonna zooma-zooma-zooma zoom!). One of the most beloved children’s television shows of the 70s and beyond, Zoom was both hosted by kids, and watched by millions of them over the years. … read more


Wall Posters

If you had any space on your bedroom walls in the 70s, you weren’t doing it right. This was the era of the wall poster, when teen idols, rock bands, and psychedelic artists all competed for the opportunity to personalize the bedrooms of millions of kids and teenagers. Let’s take a look back at this popular artwork from back in the day.. … read more



A staple of the classroom in the 70s, dittos preceded the photocopy and provided the only practical way for teachers to share information on the printed page. Most memorable was the intoxicating smell of paper fresh out of the ditto machine. That’s the stuff memories are made of. Let’s take a look back. … read more


Joya’s Fun School

If you remember watching The Magic Garden in the 70s, you may also remember that it didn’t appear on Fridays. Those were reserved for a beloved little series called Joya’s Fun School. Filled with stories, songs and other activities, the show was a local educational favorite for over a decade. … read more


Pine Bros.

It’s a safe bet that many a former Long Island 70s kid will remember Pine Bros. cough drops. They were deliciously different than your typically medicinal flavored variety, and a lot softer too. And as the 70s came to an end, so did these beloved treats. Thankfully, however, this is a story with a happy ending. … read more