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Jack in the Box

When it comes to places that are no more, Jack in the Box might seem an odd inclusion for those not living in New York. In other parts of the nation, the fast food chain not only exists, but thrives. Unfortunately, they started disappeared from Long Island at the end of the 1970s and have yet to return despite their success elsewhere. … read more



It’s Friday night and you have a date planned with that special someone. After heading out for pizza or a Fribble, you head to the local drive-in or roller rink. But if that romantic mood strikes, the last thing you need is pizza breath. Not to worry,as long as you had a plastic box in your pocket filled with Dynamints. These flavorful candies were always ready to lend a helping hand. … read more


Buried Treasure

When the ice cream man visited your neighborhood, you had some quick decisions to make, like how to best spend that handful of change, ensuring you got the most bang for your ice cream buck. For many, the decision was simple – Buried Treasure. This frozen treat not only soothed the summer heat, but once finished, you were left with a cool little plastic toy. … read more



Forget those adult TV dinners. Back in the 70s, youngsters had their very own line of frozen meals. Libbyland dinners may not have lasted long, but they made quite an impression on millions of former kids who fondly remember these kid-friendly meals to this day. … read more


Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews

Much of America remains in the dark when it comes to Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews, a tasty chocolate-covered confection that has satisfied the sweet tooth of millions of East Coasters for nearly a century. But, although they were quite popular during the 1970s, a radical packaging change almost spelled the demise of this decidedly tasty treat. … read more



Back in 1973, the Mars candy company unveiled a new and sizable confection. The Marathon bar, packaged in a bright-red wrapper, was an instant hit and stayed in the candy aisle for the rest of the decade. Today, they reside in the extinct foods graveyard, but memories of this chewy treat remain in the minds of any former 70s kid. … read more



By the time the 1970s arrived, the Soviets had all but conceded the space race. Children of the new decade weren’t any less enamored by space though, especially anything astronaut-related. Take a powdered drink mix called Tang, for example. Once kids learned that “it’s what astronauts drank on the moon!” no more needed to be said. … read more


Italian Ice

If you spent your childhood on Long Island during those hot and humid summers, you are probably no stranger to an icy confection known as the Italian ice. Readily available from pizza parlors, ice cream trucks and supermarkets, Italian Ices came in a colorful assortment of flavors and provided much needed relief to kids and adults alike. … read more



Find a bunch of New Yorkers waxing nostalgic over hamburgers from the good old days and you’re likely to hear Wetson’s enter the conversation. The restaurant’s history is brief, slayed mercilessly during the fast food wars of the 1970s. Still, amongst those who had the pleasure, it remains one of the most fondly remembered burger joints from the era. … read more



If you were a lover of all things peanut butter-related in the 1970s, chances are good that a product called Koogle captured your attention. Not your typical spread, Koogle had a unique texture and came in four flavors that you either loved or hated. Either way, this short-lived snack spread still conjures up plenty of flavorful memories for many a former 70s kid. … read more