The discontinued candy graveyard is filled with confections that one day made us happy, then completely dropped off the radar. Such was the case with a sweet treat from the 70s called Choco’Lite, an airy candy bar consisting of whipped milk chocolate and something described on the wrapper as “crispy chips.” Today, they are but a memory.

Introduced by Nestlé in 1972, the Choco’Lite bar consisted of milk chocolate that was whipped, resulting in numerous air pockets that made it much less dense than the typical candy bar. It was given texture thanks to the aforementioned “crispy chips” which remain somewhat of a mystery.



Unlike a Nestlé Crunch bar, which uses puffed rice to achieve its crunch, the Choco’Lite bar contained no rice, nor anything else mentioned in the ingredients that would account for the crispy texture.

To this day, people still debate what gave these bars that distinctive taste, but one thing that seems universally agreed upon is that they were one-of-a-kind and delicious.



Today, you will not find a Choco’Lite bar in any of the many available retro candy outlets. Some point to the modern Nestlé Aero bar as a suitable substitute, but it really bears little resemblance. Sure, it’s light and airy, thanks to its use of whipped chocolate, but gone are those enigmatic crispy chips that gave the Choco’Lite its distinctive crunch.

And, while we are all left to ponder what exactly made these confections so special, there is little disagreement that they were wonderful – a treat from yesteryear, both fondly remembered and sorely missed.

If you have fond memories of biting into a Nestlé Choco’Lite candy bar back in the day, I hope you’ll share your recollections with all of us in the comments section.

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8 Responses

  1. cathy says:

    Loved this candy bar so much so that I would ask for a giant one in my easter basket instead of a chocolate bunny. Wish they still made it!

  2. cathy says:

    Oh and I bet those chips were toffee chips!

  3. Norman Welch says:

    I definitely miss them! Maybe we should petition Nestlé to bring the original formula product back?

  4. LISA INSINGA says:

    One of my favorites! Not many people remember Chocolite but then again most people dont remember the Marathon bar either. Another old favorite you cant find anywhere.

  5. Dave says:

    My grandparents used to own a grocery store in Brooklyn, NY and I used to have my dad order these because I ate them like crazy!

  6. Jon says:

    LOVED the Chocolite bar (as well as Marathon, and…oh geez don’t get me started on how much candy I ate). I collect old food wrappers and packaging so of course old original wrappers of these chocolate bars had to be added to my collection…I still look at them with fond memories of picking them up at stationary stores (when I bought my weekly comic books) either in Wheatley Heights/Wyandanch near where I lived or when my mom went shopping at the Waldbaums in Deer Park I’d run into that stationary store next door as well for my comic-candy-trading cards fix… The Aero bar is similar enough to bring back a similar feeling, but yes, it’s still a little different, just slightly. Curly Wurley does however feel like a Marathon bar…

  7. Wendy A says:

    I’m with Norman on the Chocolite! My sisters and I still talk about those awesome candy bars. And the 100,000 dollar bar was a Carmel braid wrapped in chocolate

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