If you’re a kid from the 70s, surely you remember a little publication called Dynamite magazine? Sold in school classrooms around the country, Dynamite kept you abreast of all your favorite celebrities, and was filled with interesting stories, games, puzzles and other cool stuff.

Dynamite debuted in 1974, a monthly publication of Scholastic Press. As such, it was distributed through mail-order through public schools, although you could also subscribe to the magazine and buy it in a few stores.

Each issue features a current pop culture icon such as Fonzie, Chewbacca, The Six Million Dollar Man, etc, who got their picture on the cover, along with a nice feature story. The remainder of the magazine was a compilation of everything from recipes and games to contests and 3D posters to the occasional record or sheet of stickers.




Typically, a few students in each classroom would order a copy and, when it arrived, they became pretty popular kids for the day, with anyone in their proximity willing to suck up a little for an opportunity to flip through the latest issue.

Back in those days, before the onslaught of cable TV programming, there were few places to get this kind of entertainment and kids eagerly ate it up.

Dynamite magazine lasted until 1992, when publication ceased after 18 years. The youngster moved on to more stimulating video entertainment like MTV, and eventually Nickelodeon. But in 70s, Dynamite reigned supreme among young readers.

If you were once a proud reader of Dynamite magazine, maybe even have a copy or two lying around, I’d love to hear from you in our comments section below.

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4 Responses

  1. Greg says:

    Hey, I definitely remember Dynamite magazine! And I actually had a copy of that issue pictured with Jimmy Walker on the cover! Great magazine and great to hear of your memories of the 70s! The 70s were a great time…A rough time for sure with presidents such as Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter and the political unrest of the Vietnam war…But the music, toys, and tv shows kept all of us kids entertained in magical ways!

  2. Jeremy says:

    The Bozo Melonhead cartoons always had me laughing like a maniac.

  3. Alice says:

    My school gave them away every month to all of us. It was a real treat. I always loved to read as a kid and these publications encouraged that. Smart idea.

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