Why did you create this site?

I love to reminisce about my childhood spent on Long Island. When I realized that there weren’t any websites that talked about Long Island in the 70s, I decided to build one myself, so everyone could enjoy it.

Where did you grow up?

When my family arrived on Long Island in 1971, we first lived in Freeport. Two years later, we moved to Walnut Avenue in Ronkonkoma, where I spent the rest of the 1970s.

So, what makes you the expert?

I never said I was.  🙂

I just love researching and writing about all of the things I remember most about Long Island. I try to be accurate as possible at all times, and welcome any and all corrections! The most important thing to me is that the information here is accurate, so if you see something that is wrong, please let me know!

How do you choose what to feature on the site?

Everything here is something that I had some personal experience with in the 1970s on Long Island. These are the things that I remember best. I try to stay away from the topics that I know nothing about, but thankfully, there is a lot I do remember. I won’t be running out of new topics anytime soon, I assure.

How can I support the site?

Long Island 70s Kid is a free resource of information. There are no ads here, and no click bait. If you like what you see here, and want to help support it, we welcome donations on the front page.

Another way you can support the site is simply to tell others about it. Share our articles on Facebook, and be sure to follow our Facebook page for more fun stuff from the era!