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  1. Dave says:

    You can catch a few episodes of this on Youtube, as well as some really irritating Tom Carvel “cookie puss” commercials tossed in. I remember in our early teens, my buddies and I used to do our own versions of the bits on a cassette recorder, out in the garage, using all manner of JUNK and machinery as background sound effects. A rotary saw and 3 screaming kids were a very convincing “mysterious murder at Hawthrone Road” docu-drama!

  2. Dave says:

    IF you were a kid at the time these aired, you also should have gotten your first exposure to Monty Python’s Flying Circus on 13. My mother hated my watching it, because they made fun of homosexuals and did sketches in drag.

  3. Brad says:

    IIRC, this used to air on Channel 5 (then WNEW-TV) in the afternoons, but I’m not sure if it lasted more than a year or two. I particularly liked the Librarian segments, until they went exclusively to Aesop’s fables — the humorous variety was gone! Once the series itself was gone, my afternoons eventually became dominated by Channel 5’s Star Blazers – Battle of the Planets hour.

  4. Steve Kent says:

    I totally remember that show. “Glory, glory Transylvania!” A random memory was when the Wolfman DJ would introduce a song he always said “From way back in 1970” and as a kid it struck me that that wasn’t very far back. I asked a friend about it and he said disgustedly, “They always say ‘Way back'” So it became a thing with us…”Did you see that Happy Days episode from way back last week?” Etc…

    Anyway, I just discovered your site and I’m digging it.

  5. Debbie Gentile Duncan says:

    I SO remember this show! I’m from Huntington Station. I believe I was 3 when it started in 71, but I remember it!

  6. Marcia says:

    Yaaayyyy yes, totally hav memories of ths great show! I was born in 79 tho so I guess i was watchng reruns (whch didnt bothr me, it was my fave thng tht came on one of our 2 channels)
    Vincent Price and Billy Van left huge impressions on me and iv loved creepy thngs evr since…the humour is so wacky too but smart, a hidden gem! They dont make TV like it anymore!
    Im interested in a remake, tho cant imagin who wld play Billy, he was a comedy genius.
    That 70’s vibe? Not sure tht can be replicated eithr…lots o groovy stuff, jst LOVE it and am proud it was Canadian!

  7. Jan says:

    I grew up in northern Minnesota and watched the show there. It might have been broadcast out of Canada for us. I was fond the show, but also a little frightened.

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