McDonaldland Cookies

As a kid, no meal at McDonald’s was complete without a box of McDonaldland Cookies. Featuring such familiar faces as Grimace, Hamburgler, Officer Big Mac, Captain Crook and, of course, Ronald himself, these tasty morsels were a must-have desert. Sadly, there are becoming harder to find with each passing year.

McDonaldland Cookies debuted in the early 70s and featured the characters that were featured in the popular McDonaldland commercials of the day. Their flavor and consistency were almost identical to that of an Animal Cracker.

During the decade, they were sold in a memorable white box with arched handle, perfect for young hands to tote around their prized cookie bounty. And make no mistake; any trip to McDonalds that didn’t conclude with that little white box was an utter disappointment to any 70s kid.

Now, after a few mere years of searching, I’m happy to say that I can present you with … are you ready? … a McDonaldland Cookies commercial.


Over the years, McDonald’s did away with the box, packaging the cookies in a much less attractive (and protective) bag. In the 90s, most locations did away with these treats entirely, offering a new line of gourmet cookies instead. But few kids have ever pleaded for a gourmet cookie, while millions have begged with every fiber of their being for a box of McDonaldland Cookies.

The corporate website still lists McDonaldland Cookies, but finding them is another matter. People have even started petitions over the years for their widespread return, but to no avail. As it stands, most of us are left with mere memories. Thankfully, they still sell Animal Crackers.

If you were a fan of McDonaldland Cookies back in the day, I hope you’ll take a moment to share your thoughts in our comments section below.

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bring em back!!!

  2. J says:

    They are back! In Australia of all places, I’m an American living here now and I went to “Maccas” they call it, yesterday and lo and behold they had bags of them! They taste exactly the same, catapulting me back to my 1970s childhood, and yes I loved that little white box! I hope they bring the box back too

  3. Mr Pell says:

    I really miss those cookies. At some point in the 90s they used to come with Happy Meals.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think I may have found the equal to McDonaldland cookies. I bought a package of Austin Zoo Animal Crackers from a vending machine and these are the closest to the taste of the McDonaldland cookies.

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