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Little Professor

The 1970s ushered in an era of electronic games, from arcades to simple handheld devices. Calculator maker Texas Instruments thought there might be a little room for something more educational, and introduced a device called the Little Professor. It looked a lot like a typical calculator with one distinct difference – it didn’t give you the answers. … read more


Mad Libs

Before the advent of electronic games, we actually had to use our imagination to entertain ourselves. And, if wordplay was your thing, you probably played a game called Mad Libs. Popular at parties, road trips or anywhere else where boredom reared its ugly head, this simple, and often hilarious, activity has remained popular for over fifty years. … read more



If you ever combated the boredom of a rainy day or a long car ride by sticking little pieces of thin vinyl to a colorful background based on your favorite cartoon, TV show or movie, then you are likely familiar with Colorforms, one of the most beloved and best-selling toys throughout the 1970s decade. Let’s take a look back. … read more


Lawn Darts

More exciting than croquet or horseshoes, Lawn Darts once held the distinction of being a fun outdoor game to play in backyards, beaches and parks across America. Today, they are illegal in most areas. Read on to learn how Lawn Darts went from popular recreation activity to the toy that would live in infamy. … read more



One of the more memorable toys of the 70s was a handheld game called Blip. It emerged among a sea of handheld electronic games and held its own, which is somewhat surprising. For, although Blip was described as “the Digital Game,” it was entirely mechanical. The only electronic part was a single, red LED light. … read more