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Bomb Pop

During those muggy summers in the 70s, there was no sound more welcome than the jingling bells of the ice cream man. And one of his more popular items was always the patriotic popsicle known as a Bomb Pop. Sporting the three colors of the American flag, each representing a tasty layer of flavor, the Bomb Pop soothed many a soul during those dog days of summer. … read more


Buried Treasure

When the ice cream man visited your neighborhood, you had some quick decisions to make, like how to best spend that handful of change, ensuring you got the most bang for your ice cream buck. For many, the decision was simple – Buried Treasure. This frozen treat not only soothed the summer heat, but once finished, you were left with a cool little plastic toy. … read more


Ice Cream Man

Pavlov would have been proud. A few rings of the bell could send any kid into a mad dash towards the nearest source of loose change, in a valient attempt to soothe the scorching summer heat. Such was the power of the ice cream man, bearer of all things frozen and a common sight on Long Island in the 70s. … read more


Italian Ice

If you spent your childhood on Long Island during those hot and humid summers, you are probably no stranger to an icy confection known as the Italian ice. Readily available from pizza parlors, ice cream trucks and supermarkets, Italian Ices came in a colorful assortment of flavors and provided much needed relief to kids and adults alike. … read more


Mr. Softee

For many Long Islanders, it just doesn’t seem like summer until they hear the familiar jingle of the Mr. Softee ice cream trucks. It’s a sound locals have listened to for over half a century, a Pavlovian indicator that some superb soft serve is roaming the nearby neighborhood. … read more



When temperatures soared on Long Island in the 70s, there was no better oasis than inside the confines of a Carvel store. Boasting some of the finest soft-serve ice cream on the planet, along with a selection of memorable novelty items and cakes, Carvel has kept Long Islanders cool for over 75 years, and helped them celebrate many a special occasion. … read more


Howard Johnson’s

You don’t see them them around today, but in the 70s, Howard Johnson’s didn’t only provide overnight lodging, they were the largest restaurant chain in the United States. And millions of Long Islanders certainly remember sitting down to a quality meal at these memorable eateries back in the day. … read more