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Some toys are forgotten within months of their initial release; others linger in the memory banks for decades after their demise. In the latter category resides the coolest helicopter to ever hit the scene, the one-and-only VertiBird. For anyone who ever had the pleasure of piloting one of these perpetually-circling choppers, it was an experience you wouldn’t soon forget. … read more


Creepy Crawlers

Kids have a fascination for bugs. Not only are they fun to play with, but a well-placed insect can induce a scream from an unsuspecting sibling. Bugs have minds of their own, however, scurrying at the least opportune moments and ruining the fun. Thankfully, with the invention of Creepy Crawlers, the days of uncooperative insects were over. Now you could make your own rubber replicas, much to your little sister’s horror. … read more



In 1976, Mattel Toys unleashed a green snot-like substance on an unsuspecting public in the form of Slime. Sold in a green garbage can and certain to bring hours of fun grossing out your friends, parents and siblings, Slime made quite the splash on the toy market, especially when the holidays rolled around. … read more



From the time she was introduced in 1959, Barbie took the world by storm as the first adult toy doll in a sea of infants. Her popularity soared and, by the time the 70s arrived, she was well-established as one of the most adored children’s toys of all time. She was also living the high life by then, thanks to some great accessories and playsets. Let’s take a look back. … read more