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Mr. Bones

Perhaps you were taught that you shouldn’t play with your food. But what if your food was also a jigsaw puzzle? Better yet, what if it was also a disassembled candy skeleton contained within a plastic coffin? Such was the case with Mr. Bones, a novelty item created by Fleer in 1977. … read more


Sea Monkeys

Anyone in the vicinity of a comic book as a kid, was aware of those lovable Sea Monkeys. One look at the ads suggested evidence of evolved creatures, almost human, who lounged around their aquatic surroundings without a care. And if these depictions compelled you to adopt a family of your own, then you were also going to learn a little about marketing. … read more


Silly String

In the early 70s, Wham-O toys introduced Silly String, an aerosol can of colored foam that you could spray at your friends across the room. And over the years, millions of people of all ages have delighted in the fun that only a can of Silly String can provide. But that wasn’t its originally intended purpose, nor its most important one. Read on to find out the real story of Silly String. … read more