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Bavarian Inn

If you lived near Lake Ronkonkoma, there were a number of reasons you might find yourself at the Bavarian Inn in the 1970s. It hosted countless weddings, anniversaries, christenings, sweet 16s and other events throughout the decade, leaving many a Long Islander with fond memories that lasted a lifetime. It was also a darn good German restaurant. … read more


Jack in the Box

When it comes to places that are no more, Jack in the Box might seem an odd inclusion for those not living in New York. In other parts of the nation, the fast food chain not only exists, but thrives. Unfortunately, they started disappeared from Long Island at the end of the 1970s and have yet to return despite their success elsewhere. … read more



Find a bunch of New Yorkers waxing nostalgic over hamburgers from the good old days and you’re likely to hear Wetson’s enter the conversation. The restaurant’s history is brief, slayed mercilessly during the fast food wars of the 1970s. Still, amongst those who had the pleasure, it remains one of the most fondly remembered burger joints from the era. … read more


Roy Rogers

Once a popular fast food chain, with locations scattered across Long Island during the 70s, Roy Rogers had a little something for everyone on the menu, but its days were numbered. Today, although the franchise survives in other parts of the country, local fans of the restaurant can no longer get their fix on the island. … read more


Howard Johnson’s

You don’t see them them around today, but in the 70s, Howard Johnson’s didn’t only provide overnight lodging, they were the largest restaurant chain in the United States. And millions of Long Islanders certainly remember sitting down to a quality meal at these memorable eateries back in the day. … read more


Beefsteak Charlie’s

If you grew up on Long Island in the 70s, you likely remember a place called Beefsteak Charlie’s. You may never have eaten there, but the constant barrage of commercials on television ensured that you were aware of its existence, and the fact that they wanted to spoil you. Let’s take a look back. … read more