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Rickel Home Center

If you needed home supplies in the 70s, you probably spent some time at Rickel Home Centers. In the 70s at least, they were the largest harware retail store on the island, with nine locations that would expand significantly in the decades that followed. Then they were gone. … read more



It’s hard to find a Long Islander from decades past who doesn’t remember shopping at Korvette’s. One of the first discount department stores to emerge from the 1950s, they are best remembered for their low prices and, perhaps surprisingly, their outstanding music departments. Once plentiful on the Island, they sadly never made it out of the 1970s. … read more


Dairy Barn

For over fifty years, Long Island locals have enjoyed a luxury nonexistent in the rest of the country, a little drive-in convenience store called Dairy Barn. Once in abundance throughout the island, they are sadly growing more scarce with each passing year and their extinction would appear immenent. But they can’t take the memories away. … read more


Crazy Eddie

If you happened to listen to the radio or watch TV in the 70s around the New York area, there is no way you could ever forget Crazy Eddie. Thanks to a heavy rotation of memorable commercials throughout the decade, and a newsworthy fall from grace, memories of the crazy pitchman who sold stereos are unlikely to fade. Eddie was an original. … read more