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Slip ‘n Slide

Kids without easy access to a pool on Long Island in the 1970s had to find all sorts of creative ways to stay cool in the summer. Luckily, the folks at Wham-O toys were there to help, via the ever-popular Slip ‘n Slide. Simply roll out the narrow plastic mat, attach a garden hose, and do try to make sure that the end of the slide doesn’t lead to a tree, driveway or sidewalk.. … read more


Water Wiggle

Kids love to abuse their toys, but every once in a while a toy turns the tables and inflicts a little abuse of its own. With its goofy smiling face, the Water Wiggle seemed innocent enough. Simply throw on your bathing suit, attach the toy to the outdoor faucet, turn the water on … and watch all hell break loose. … read more


Super Elastic Bubble Plastic

Blowing soap bubbles is a cherished childhood tradition, but what if you wanted to create a colorful sphere that you could actually play with? In the 70s, the fine folks at Wham-O toys came up with the perfect solution – Super Elastic Bubble Plastic. Just squeeze a small portion out of the tube, attach it to a small straw and blow the bubble of your dreams. … read more


Silly String

In the early 70s, Wham-O toys introduced Silly String, an aerosol can of colored foam that you could spray at your friends across the room. And over the years, millions of people of all ages have delighted in the fun that only a can of Silly String can provide. But that wasn’t its originally intended purpose, nor its most important one. Read on to find out the real story of Silly String. … read more