Truth be told, WBAB wasn’t much of a radio presence throughout the 1970s. They were a modest rock and roll station struggling to find a voice. They might have remained mired in said obscurity were it not for a significant change in the decade’s final year. That’s when Bob Buchmann arrived, a voice who would help WBAB spread its wings and soar straight to the top.

WBAB first went on the air in 1958. At the time it was a 200 Watt station owned by Babylon Bayshore Broadcasting that resided at 103.1 on the radio dial. The station experimented with a number of formats over the next twenty years with varying success before switching to Album Oriented Rock in 1973 (and relocating to 102.3 on the dial). Unfortunately, there were bigger fish in the surrounding sea at that time, most notably WPLJ and WLIR. Those were lean times for the struggling radio station, but all of that would change in 1979.

Bob Buchmann

Bob Buchmann

That was the year that WBAB hired a new VP of Programming and engaging morning personality named Bob Buchmann. A Long Island native, having spent his childhood in Bayshore and Dix Hills, Buchmann instinctively understood what the locals wanted in a rock and roll station, and boy did he deliver.

Seemingly from the moment he signed on, the ratings started to climb. Consider that, prior to his arrival, WBAB was the fourth-ranked rock station in the area, with a meager 1.1 ratings share. Remarkably, by the end of that first year alone, WBAB became the #1 rock station on Long Island, a position they would hold undisputed for the next twenty years.

To understand the success of WBAB under Bob Buchmann, one only needs to look at his philosophy. As quoted in The New York Times, Bob remarked, “It’s the listeners that makes the radio station, and that’s our formula for success.” And that’s exactly where WBAB targeted their efforts.

Live on-air 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the station played far more listener-requested material per hour than any of the competition, offering a steady stream of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Who, Foghat, Blue Oyster Cult, Ted Nugent, Peter Frampton and every other major rock artist of the day. As a result, WBAB was the station of choice among rock fans at the beach, in the parks, at home or at work, and especially while making that dreaded morning drive on the Long Island Expressway.



The station also supported the local music scene like no other, promoting such up-and-coming bands as Zebra, Twisted Sister and The Good Rats. And if any of those bands were appearing at the popular local venues such as Hammerheads and The Mad Hatter, you could guarantee that the trusty WBAB van, and probably Bob Buchmann, would be on-scene to promote the show and interact with their enthusiastic listeners.

An orange and black WBAB bumper sticker soon became a must-have item for local music fans, and the WBAB van gave thousands of them away. WBAB took that van all over Long Island, in fact, for various concerts and promotional events such as the popular “WBAB Fun In The Sun” days.

In 1981, WBAB would release a notable collection of music featuring the best local talent Long Island had to offer called the WBAB Homegrown Album. Featuring the station’s staff on the cover, the record was an offshoot of the popular “Homegrown” show that spotlighted the Island’s up-and-coming artists. Destined to become a classic, the record has since become a sought-after collectable among local music fans. It also played a role, along with Buchmann’s persistence, in getting Zebra signed to a major label in 1982.

Bob Buchmann would leave WBAB in 1999, almost 20 years to the day of his hiring. He next became the program director for rival Q104.3 out of New York City. Perhaps not surprisingly, that station’s ratings soon started to rise, making them one of the most formidable competitors that WBAB would ever face. And, after 10 years in that role, Buchmann packed up and relocated across the country, landing a coveted job at the iconic KLOS-FM in Los Angeles for the next three years. Today, his illustrious career continues at the equally-respectable KGB-FM in San Diego.

Meanwhile, WBAB retains its enviable position as the most listened to radio station on Long Island, a place where one can hear a rousing mixture of classic rock and newer artists. And, let’s face it, while WBAB may not have exactly been a favorite among Long Island 70s Kids, most of them DID grow up to be Long Island 80s teens and adults, and WBAB was there every step of the way, provided the hard-driving soundtrack to that decade unlike any other.

And all of it thanks to a man with a vision of what rock and roll radio could accomplish if you understood and respected your audience. What a concept, eh?



If you have fond memories of listening to WBAB and Bob Buchmann during those transitory years, I hope you’ll share all of your recollections with all of us in the comments section below, as I tip my hat to this iconic radio station from the days of our collective youth.

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29 Responses

  1. Bob Buchmann says:

    Hey 70’s Kid…my fiancé just told me about this piece. I gotta say…you made my day! Thank you for so eloquently capturing the spirit of those days. WBAB was a labor of love for us kids, and the listeners helped us all succeed. Again, thank YOU!

    – Bob

    • 70sKid says:

      Bob, thank you for the kind words. The pleasure was truly mine. WBAB provided the soundtrack for my youth, as well as millions of others, and I have such special memories of those times.

      All the best!
      Eric Gabriel
      aka: “70s Kid”

  2. Bernie Wagenblast says:

    My listening to WBAB during this time was probably unlike most other listeners. First, I only heard it in spurts of five minutes or less and second, I was listening over the phone from New Jersey. You may wonder why and the answer is simple. I was WBAB’s Shadow Traffic reporter. Several times an hour during morning and afternoon drive I would deliver reports for Bob, Peri Appollo and Marc Coppola. To this day I still live in fear of uttering “Speonk” because of the grief I would get whenever there was a late train to or from this town.

  3. Marc Mazarin says:

    Mazarin is so gratful to Bob and all the WBAB staff of the 1980’s that introduced our original music and supported the band so solidly.

  4. Bob G says:

    Bob Brought the Local bands into the spotlight – Connecting with the listeners throughout playing unsigned artists – Homegrown ! Zebra live on the radio– and The most memorable WBAB sponsored show was the outdoor concert [now SCCC grounds near the LIE] with Zebra ! Thank you Bob for the great times we had listening – Those days -Listening to FM radio was at it peak !!

  5. Maureen Curto says:

    Bob Buchman so very good to us. We won a trip from wbab in 1997 to meet greet Aerosmith in Paris. While we were thrilled with the win we weren’t in position to up and leave country with 2 small kids on a weeks notice. Trip included concert tickets, airfare, hotel. At he time we really did not have spending money, or even credit cards. He did everything In his power to see we got there, including handing us an envelope with $102 cash (not included in prize package), more like sliding under the table lol. With a lot of help from family and friends, We made there and back with the best memories ever (my husband had never been on a plane, we hat so go to Stamford, CT for passports bc neither of us ever needed before ). It was same summer princess Diana died so hard to forget the year, we were there few weeks before that happened. Forever grateful to him for all he did to make that happen for us- Pete and Maureen Curto

  6. joe russo says:

    I was a teen and young adult ( now old adult) in the 80’s, All my friends and i loved bab. Metal shop, Buchmann and the most amazing underrated band of all time ZEBRA!!!!!, As a joke we would answer the house phone and say ” Hi bab”. The rock van w peter van driver showing up at rumrunners, the stage door etc…One of the great things about long island in the 80’s. Thankin everyone in quogue for showing the world they love rock and roll!!!!!!

  7. Tim M. says:

    WBAB Bong Island Blues !!! I remember going to “Fun in the Sun “at Southaven park and a couple of other spots. My brother Dave taking his ’68 GT Mustang on the ‘BAB road rally. The softball games. It was always a spot where you could fill up the coolers w/beer , a coupla joints (if that was your thing) and the inevitable wine sack . Don’t forget your favorite suede hat , and for the girls, your feathered earrings . Go to party out w/a 100’s of other young people looking to get hammered and score (most of the time failing ,but …once in a while…). Always a time you’d look back on as a good time w/your friends.

  8. dee says:

    Does anyone remember the WBAB road rallies!!! They were a blast. My friend Lynn and I came in 1st place in 1990. Miss the great time on Long Island! !!

  9. chris says:

    Does WBAB still have pictures of bathing suit contest 1979/ at car show. If yes please email to christinezbarry@yahoo.com Thank you 🙂

  10. V says:

    Hi guys,

    that was my road rally! I started those when I worked at ATV, “Out in the Streets.” Remember the t-shirts and the door decals (we prayed they didn’t take the paint off the cars). Thanks to Adventureland for letting us use their parking lot and the MG car club for setting the route. What fun we had!.


  11. Kim says:

    I just found this. Great article! I was one of Bob Buchmann’s crank calls of the day back in the 80’s. He had me going for a while (my first day at Dairy Barn). So much fun!

  12. Tony Bifulco says:

    i spent much of my teens listening to Bob and the crew back in the day……got me through JR High and then High school at Sachem..in the late 70’s….thanks to Bob and WBAB i got to experience Zebra at Hammerheads…..i never listened to any other station, i can still remember like it was yesterday coming home from hanging out with my friends getting into bed , turning the radio on and hearing Roger make the announcement the John Lennon was killed…..that will have been 37 yrs ago in a few days…..way later on a co-worker and myself made a list and it was picked to be played on THE PERFECT LUNCH HOUR (93)

  13. Elle says:

    Writing a novel. Scene takes place in 1988. Main character is driving to work on a Monday morning in her 1977 Chevy Vega. She needs some motivation after a painful date the previous Friday night. She switches the radio on to WBAB and Bob Buchmann who takes a listener request for “Love Stinks!” I want authentictiy as I write about Long Island. I’m carefully writing in stores such as Rickels, places like Argyle Park, etc. My research turned up a wikipedia piece. Like they were there! Then I found this post. Thank you so much for chronicling our earlier years here. I found all the information about Bob Buchmann and WBAB I needed. Elle.

  14. Hal Chromie says:

    I used to stay up late as a kid to catch Fingers Metal Shop, so many amazing bands you never heard of. Homegrown was also a classic show, so many great LI bands got their big break on that show, remember listinging to Nine Days, Heartless Wager, Zen Tricksters, Notorious Fame.

  15. L says:

    The world is a small place. Bob Buchmann went to my junior high school – graduated way before me, but my shop teacher would talk about him. I would listen to him on BAB as a teenager. Then, I’m living in Los Angeles and he turns up at KLOS. Then, I’m Living in San Diego for two years – turn on the morning radio and who is co-hosting the morning show? Bob Bachmann.

  16. The OBI parties were the best

  17. Jim belle says:

    Sounds great if you want to know how rock started at WBAB look back at the guys that fought to make that happen Tony James and Mike Jeffries , that’s a story to hear , I was there as many listeners will remember , don’t listen to me , go ahead and look ! The first day 24 hours of Beatles music that was big then , big risk then but it’s here today because of those two guys

  18. Anonymous says:

    Get A Grip!!

  19. Craig Stuart (Burns) says:

    My best friend, John Lamberti from Syosset was a DJ in the 70’s. He had a stage name, can anyone remember? Thanks, battling Allison Steele and others was a challenge.

  20. Steven Sprengel says:

    BAB wasn’t just for music folks, don’t forget the Joel Martin Show and his obsession as well as mine with UFOs and psychic phenomena!

  21. Fingers says:

    stumbled across this while researching my 40 in 40. Very well written and filled with fond memories. Nice work!

  22. Mario Palmieri says:

    I just remember the holiday season when Bob Buckman would do Billy Joel charity begins at home are used to go every time make my donation and I still have an autographed sweatshirt by Bob Buckman to me saying let go rangers Bob Buckman. I followed Bob until he left New York well missed God bless Bob your the best

  23. Lauren Verge says:

    My first radio job. Crazy good times. Taught me a ton and took me all the way to morning shows I’d Boston. Great examples in Bob and staff on how to do it right

  24. Donna says:

    My favorite WBAB dj by far was Malcolm Davis at 10 at night. He played great tunes. Off the beaten track tunes. It was from him I discovered Kenny Rankin.

  25. Robert says:

    What year was “Fun In the Sun” when it was next to Suffolk Community College? I’m thinking 83′, yet not sure.

  26. Jessica says:

    Does anyone have recordings of Joel Martin on WBAB they can share?

  27. Joe says:

    Growing up on the Queens/Nassau border it was difficult to pick up a strong BAB signal. When we went to Jones Beach or other places east it was great being able to hear BAB loud and clear. Buchmann was a treat to listen to. An iconic FM dj.

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