That's me!

That’s me!

I’m Eric and I’m a writer and musician living in San Diego, California. I’m also the developer of www.longisland70skid.com. I created this homage to my childhood for the simple reason that nothing substantial existed online that fully encapsulated the way Long Island was in the 1970s.

In recent years, whenever I would wax nostalgic about this special place and era, I was always disappointed by the results that Google provided whenever I typed “Long Island 70s” into its massive search engine. At best, I would find a few little scraps here and there, which I’ve collected over the years. It finally became time to put all those little scraps together and create something that even Google couldn’t ignore.

My childhood home

My childhood home

I grew up in this house, located on Walnut Avenue Ronkonkoma, New York, spending my formative years there from 1971-1982. It was a wonderful place to spend my childhood. The schools were great, the neighborhood was friendly, and the food was to die for. In the 70s, there was no shortage of memorable toys and foods, of great radio stations and television programming.

And then there was the island itself, with its never-ending assortment of places to visit, some of which are no longer with us.

And that’s what I’ve tried to recapture with this website, to bring you a virtual time capsule of material to explore and enjoy. But it’s not something I prefer to do alone. I want this to be a community of former (and current, of course) Long Islanders, whether you lived there in the 70s or not. I want it to be a community of former 70s kids, whether you grew up on Long Island or not. Either way, you should find plenty of stuff to both entertain and educate at www.longisland70skid.com.

And if you have some great memories, photos, videos, etc., that you would like to share with this community, I hope you will do so without hesitation (see our Submissions page for more information). Together, we can create something really special here.

Thanks so much, and I hope you enjoy exploring the site as much as I have constructing it.

Until next time,
Long Island 70s Kid