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These are some of the many special places I remember from being on the island in the 1970s decade. Sadly, a number of them no longer exist, except in our collective memories. Happy exploring!


Jerry Lewis Cinema

When the 70s arrived, little, rectangular theaters starting popping up across the island. Each featured a smiling caricature of beloved comedian, Jerry Lewis, and family-friendly movies. Unfortunately, when the decade ended, so did the Jerry Lewis Cinemas. … read more


Vanderbilt Planetarium

Sitting in Centerport, along the island’s picturesque north shore. the Vanderbilt Planetarium has served as a school field trip destination to countless school kids ever since its doors opened in 1971. … read more


Rickel Home Center

If you needed home supplies in the 70s, you probably spent some time at Rickel Home Centers. In the 70s at least, they were the largest harware retail store on the island, with nine locations that would expand significantly in the decades that followed. Then they were gone. … read more


Record Stop

Real fans of phonograph records in the 70s learned that retail stores weren’t where the real gems were found. Those could only be discovered at the independent places. One such legendary audio oasis was the Record Stop in Ronkonkoma. … read more


Bavarian Inn

If you lived near Lake Ronkonkoma, there were a number of reasons you might find yourself at the Bavarian Inn in the 1970s. It hosted countless weddings, anniversaries, christenings, sweet 16s and other events throughout the decade, leaving many a Long Islander with fond memories that lasted a lifetime. It was also a darn good German restaurant. … read more


Long Island Game Farm

The arrival of the 70s brought a new attraction to Long Islanders who loved animals and rural surroundings. Just off of Exit 70 in Manorville, NY, The Long Island Game Farm has hosted a steady stream of visitors young and old ever since. … read more


Bald Hill Ski Bowl

If you learned how to ski on Long Island in the 1970s, there’s a pretty good chance it was at the Bald Hill Ski Bowl. Granted, it wasn’t exactly Aspen, Colorado. but for many families, it was a convenient local place to slap skis on the kids and have a great day in the snow. … read more


Smithtown General Hospital

Throughout the 70s, a small hospital sat at the intersection of Smithtown Bypass and Route 111. Serving the community for almost 40 years, Smithtown General lives on only in the memories of patients, former employees, and those that passed it on the way to work. … read more


Islip MacArthur Airport

Nestled in the center of the island, Islip MacArthur Airport has long-served local commuters and travelers alike, who prefer this less hectic alternative to its two big brothers to the East. It’s come a long way from its humble beginnings, growing exponentially over the years, but it still retains its small town charm. … read more


Fire Island

Five miles south from Long Island, NY, across the Great South Bay, sits a small, unassuming paradise of sorts. A vacation spot to some, a residence to others, and host to numerous class field trips throughout the years, Fire Island remains one of those natural treasures that, once experienced, lingers in the memory like the face of a long lost friend. … read more