At Long Island 70s Kid, we envision this site as a virtual museum for anyone who waxes nostalgic over this particular era.

To that end, we know that many of visitors possess a number of photo gems that we would love to share with our community. It is through your help that we can truly grow this site into something special, for all to enjoy.

If you have any photos, videos, or other material that you would like to see featured on this site, please send it to the address below. Keep in mind that we are particularly interested in images that capture 70s era in all its glory, as well as lost locations or just pictures of how the place used to look back in the day.

By submitting your digital media, you give this website permission for the sole use of displaying it on this site. We are also happy to give credit; just specify it when you submit.

Thanks in advance to all you former Long Island 70s Kids!

Mail all submissions to:

*All material subject to editorial approval

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  14 Responses to “Submissions”

  1. Smith Haven Mall also had a restaurant called Zum-Zums, Great little place.

  2. I got something for the food category – BOSCO chocolate syrup, especially in the glass bottle. Also C&C cola in all the flavors.

    Your website is amazing and brings back so many memories. Thank you

    • And thank you for the kind words, Darrell. Those are both already on the list for future topics, of which I try to add at least one a day. If you “like” our Facebook page, you can stay updated! Thanks again.

  3. Other stores not in your list: Asian Gifts, and Wurlitzer Piano’s and Holiday Spa which was next to the movie theater and was a Gym..

  4. looking for any info on a burger joint called king George. was supposedly on sunrise highway. I think my boyfriend is delusional!! lol

  5. cant forget the jerry lewis theater up on portion rd by caldor and roy rogers/ think it became an OTB and is now a bank i think. my parents would drop me off on saturday for the matinee of 2 movies (usually monster movies) and a drawing for a giant bag of popcorn for the outrageous price of 50 cents..

  6. If the info hasn’t been posted already, is there any information on two stores, Gouz and Dan’s Supreme Supermarket. I missed the days of going those stores.

  7. Sorry Patti but the supreme burger joint on L.I. was White Castle without a doubt.

    Dan M.

  8. Smith haven mall. I worked in an ice cream/wieght watchers store next to Andres Head Factory. It was called King George’s Nice Cream.

  9. Don’t forget Kresge’s department store. There was one on Rt 110 near the Walt Whitman mall in Huntington right near Korvette’s. It became a Pergament when it closed.

  10. I remember a gas station in Riverhead called Scot Gas with a logo of a winking red-headed cartoon Scotsman in traditional dress. I wonder whether anyone else remembers Scot Gas (or for that matter Unocal 76, which I remember being somewhere near Flanders.)

  11. Father son shoes

  12. Art and Frame World was next to Andres Head Factory. It was owned by the same family that owned the Head Factory, the Coopers.

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