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The 1970s were filled with many memorable fads, notable people and historic events. Some were good, others tragic, but all of them shaped us in some way or another. Whether you remember dressing as a patriot for the Bicentennial, surviving the Blizzard of 1978, or being afraid to go to the beach after seeing Jaws for the first time, there is plenty of nostalgia to be found here.


The Gong Show

The Gong Show wasn’t the first televised amateur show, but it was definitely the most extreme. Literally anyone who was willing to face the shame of being ‘gonged’ could step up to the stage and present their disputable talents to millions of viewers. The result was a cavalcade of some of the most bizarre entertainment ever televised. … read more


Pet Rocks

Maybe it didn’t come when you called it, but when it came to tricks such as sitting, staying still and especially playing dead, there was no pet that was easier to train. … read more


T-Shirt Decals

In the 70s, t-shirt decals let you wear your passion on your chest, front and center for all to see. Whatever message it was that you wanted to share with the world, a stylish representation was only as far away as the nearest shopping mall. … read more


Joker’s Wild

It’s the game where “knowledge is king and lady luck is queen” and if you grew up on Long Island in the 70s, you probably are guilty of watching a little Joker’s Wild. … read more



In the 70s, there was a new form of entertainment, one that would grow to unimaginable heights. They called them “video games” and the first major success was Pong. Developed by video game guru Nolan Bushnell, Pong became the foundation for Bushnell’s legendary Atari company and ground zero for an industry about to explode. … read more


Rodney Allen Rippy

Nothing says television commercial like a little kid with a grinning face and an infectious giggle. It was a formula that worked wonders for a boy named Rodney Allen Rippy, putting his mug all over the television in the 70s. … read more


The Amityville Horror

This isn’t an article about ghosts and demons. You’ll have to look elsewhere for that. This is about an infamous home and a horrific tragedy. It’s about November 13, 1974. … read more



Patriotic fervor spread across Long Island in 1976, as the nation prepared for its Bicentennial celebration. And after months of suspense, when the Fourth of July finally arrived, countless events were held all around New York to commemorate this special day. Let’s take a look back at this memorable year in Long Island’s history. … read more



Once a common sight in parking lots across America, these blue and yellow shacks seemed magical to a kid. Drive up, drop off your film, and return tomorrow to see your pictures in all their glossy glory. Sounds archaic by today’s standards, but back in the 70s, a trip to Fotomat was something pretty special. … read more


Iron Eyes Cody

The name might not ring a bell, but if you watched TV in the 70s, you certainly learned a lesson about pollution from his tear-stricken face. As such, Iron Eyes Cody became one of most recognizable faces in pop-culture history. But all is not what it seemed; wait until you hear the real story behind this fascinating man. … read more