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Music filled the air on Long Island in the 70s, from the dials on our radios, to our collections of 8-track tapes and 45s, to the vibrant local music scene on the island. Here are some of my favorite musical memories on the island from back in the day.

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The music fan of the 1970s didn’t have the plethora of resources that we enjoy today. Sure, the popular records of the time were sold at most department stores. But what if your tastes were a little more eclectic? Unless you had a decent independent record store nearby, your best bet was to head to your local Sam Goody, a mecca of sorts for the New York music aficionado. can you buy Lyrica in canada

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Truth be told, WBAB wasn’t much of a radio presence throughout the 1970s. They were a modest rock and roll station struggling to find a voice. They might have remained mired in said obscurity were it not for a significant change in the decade’s final year. That’s when Bob Buchmann arrived, a voice who would help WBAB spread its wings and soar straight to the top. buy Lyrica 75 mg

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Try to explain 8-Track tapes to a kid and you’re likely to get a puzzled stare. They are certainly archaic by today’s standards, but in the 70s these mechanical marvels allowed us a way to carry the music we wanted to hear into the car, the school lunch room or even the beach. buy Lyrica canada pharmacy

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He is a superstar around the world, but Long Islanders have long embraced Billy Joel as one of their own. He emerged in the early 1970s and quickly established himself as one of the finest balladeers of a generation. A self-proclaimed piano man who always spoke to and for the working class, his music and storytelling are in a class all their own. where can i buy Lyrica tablets

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Editor’s note: On July 11, 2013, we learned that Peppi Marchello passed away after suffering a heart attack at the age of 68. All of us at Long Island 70s Kid are terribly saddened by this news and wish to convey our thoughts and condolences to his friends and family. He was a homegrown Long Island rock and roll legend and will be sorely missed. order Lyrica

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Many people may remember Harry Chapin as the guy that sang “The Cats in the Cradle” in the 1970s, but Long Islanders still mourn the loss of this kind and gentle storyteller, a man who was one of their own, and whose selfless philanthropic efforts during his lifetime still resonate across the Island today. order Lyrica samples

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In the 70s, radio was still the way we received most of our music, especially away from home. And, if the hits were what you wanted to listen to, WBLI was probably your choice, thanks to its strong signal that was crystal clear throughout Long Island. Let’s take a look back at the station that provided much of the soundtrack of the 70s to local listeners. order generic Lyrica online

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Long before playlists would become popular, compiling your own music wasn’t the easiest of tasks. Thankfully, a company called K-tel felt your pain and was happy to assist, by offering a plethora of music collections on TV, each with a catchy title and a selection of the most popular music of the day. purchase Lyrica cheap