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Battle of the Network Stars

Nothing like a little friendly competition to work out differences and earn bragging rights. Such was the case with Battle of the Network Stars. This annual televised event that pitted the stars of the three major networks against each other, drew enormous viewing audiences through much of the decade. … read more


Crazy Eddie

If you happened to listen to the radio or watch TV in the 70s around the New York area, there is no way you could ever forget Crazy Eddie. Thanks to a heavy rotation of memorable commercials throughout the decade, and a newsworthy fall from grace, memories of the crazy pitchman who sold stereos are unlikely to fade. Eddie was an original. … read more


Record Vacuum

Surely you recall all those gadget commercials of the 70s. One such entity was a handy device called the Record Vacuum. Place your prized albums into the slot and watch as all the dust is magically removed, making it just like new! At least that’s what the commercials proclaimed. The reality, as is the case with most gadgets, didn’t quite live up to the expectations. … read more


Blizzard of 1978

If you lived in Long Island during the 70s, then you likely remember the February of 1978, when the island, and much of the Northeast was blanketed with the worst storm of the decade. Let’s take a look back at the memorable blizzard of 1978 that brought New York to a standstill. … read more



Love it or hate it, the disco craze dominated the latter half of the 70s and New York was unquestionably the epicenter. The driving beat echoed through discotheques across the island, as well as every local pop radio station, as the nation caught it’s latest case of dance fever. … read more


Doug Henning

Prior to the 70s, the image one conjured up of a magician was a man in a black suit, perhaps a cape, wearing a top hat. With his gentle demeanor and big, toothy grin, Doug Henning altered that perception. Looking more like a hippie than an illusionist, Doug charmed the decade with both his formidable magic skills and his engaging personality. … read more


The Son of Sam

It began in the summer of 1976, only weeks after the Bicentennial festivities ended. What started as a year of patriotic celebration would soon find Long Islanders learning of a serial killer stalking young victims. The top story in the months ahead would be about a man the press labeled “The .44-Caliber Killer” and who called himself “The Son of Sam.” … read more