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In the 70s, there was a new form of entertainment, one that would grow to unimaginable heights. They called them “video games” and the first major success was Pong. Developed by video game guru Nolan Bushnell, Pong became the foundation for Bushnell’s legendary Atari company and ground zero for an industry about to explode. … read more


Time Out

A fixture in just about every mall on Long Island, Time-Out is perhaps the best-remembered arcade of the era. These dark and smoky tunnels were filled with a cacophony of electronic noise, flashing lights, and people of all ages (and walks of life) eager to empty their pockets of any and all quarters. … read more


Biorhythm Machines

In the 1970s, there were plenty of machines at the arcade that would offer you a few minutes of gameplay for your hard-earned quarters. Only one, however, offered you valuable pseudo-scientific advice, allowing you to dial into the natural cycles of life – the biorhythm machine. … read more