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Back in the 70s, adults exchanged flowers and elaborate boxes of chocolate with their loved ones. Kids, however, preferred those little heart-shaped candies with the chalky flavor and Cupid-like power, each emblazoned with a short message such as “Be Mine” or “Kiss Me”. Sweethearts were always happy to do the talking when you were too shy to verbally profess your love. … read more


Mr. Bones

Perhaps you were taught that you shouldn’t play with your food. But what if your food was also a jigsaw puzzle? Better yet, what if it was also a disassembled candy skeleton contained within a plastic coffin? Such was the case with Mr. Bones, a novelty item created by Fleer in 1977. … read more



The discontinued candy graveyard is filled with confections that once delighted us in our youth, yet for one reason or another, dropped off the radar. Such was the case with a sweet treat from the 70s called Choco’Lite, an airy candy bar consisting of whipped milk chocolate and something described on the wrapper as “crispy chips.” Today, they are but a memory. … read more


Candy Cigarettes

Perhaps one of the most ill-conceived confections ever devised, candy cigarettes enjoyed enormous popularity among children of decades past, and the 1970s was no exception. Available in a variety of forms, they gave kids a way to emulate their heroes of the day, who always seemed to have a cigarette dangling from their lips, or a pack rolled up in their t-shirt sleeve. … read more



It’s Friday night and you have a date planned with that special someone. After heading out for pizza or a Fribble, you head to the local drive-in or roller rink. But if that romantic mood strikes, the last thing you need is pizza breath. Not to worry,as long as you had a plastic box in your pocket filled with Dynamints. These flavorful candies were always ready to lend a helping hand. … read more


Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews

Much of America remains in the dark when it comes to Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews, a tasty chocolate-covered confection that has satisfied the sweet tooth of millions of East Coasters for nearly a century. But, although they were quite popular during the 1970s, a radical packaging change almost spelled the demise of this decidedly tasty treat. … read more



Back in 1973, the Mars candy company unveiled a new and sizable confection. The Marathon bar, packaged in a bright-red wrapper, was an instant hit and stayed in the candy aisle for the rest of the decade. Today, they reside in the extinct foods graveyard, but memories of this chewy treat remain in the minds of any former 70s kid. … read more



With its bright orange wrapper, emblazoned with the image of future Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson, it was hard to miss the Reggie! bar in the candy aisles. Making its major league debut in 1978, the Reggie! bar didn’t enjoy the same longevity of its namesake, but it was a fine confection, fondly remembered by many to this day. … read more


Pine Bros.

It’s a safe bet that many a former Long Island 70s kid will remember Pine Bros. cough drops. They were deliciously different than your typically medicinal flavored variety, and a lot softer too. And as the 70s came to an end, so did these beloved treats. Thankfully, however, this is a story with a happy ending. … read more