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Billy Joel

He is a superstar around the world, but Long Islanders have long embraced Billy Joel as one of their own. He emerged in the early 1970s and quickly established himself as one of the finest balladeers of a generation. A self-proclaimed piano man who always spoke to and for the working class, his music and storytelling are in a class all their own. … read more


45 Records

Long before the arrival of iTunes and playlists, there was really only two ways to accumulate your favorite songs in the 70s. Either purchase the entire (read: expensive) album, or buy just the song you wanted on 45 records. Millions of 70s kids opted for the latter, and amassed a beloved collection that they can remember to this day. … read more


K-tel Records

Long before playlists would become popular, compiling your own music wasn’t the easiest of tasks. Thankfully, a company called K-tel felt your pain and was happy to assist, by offering a plethora of music collections on TV, each with a catchy title and a selection of the most popular music of the day. … read more



Love it or hate it, the disco craze dominated the latter half of the 70s and New York was unquestionably the epicenter. The driving beat echoed through discotheques across the island, as well as every local pop radio station, as the nation caught it’s latest case of dance fever. … read more