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Billy Joel

He is a superstar around the world, but Long Islanders have long embraced Billy Joel as one of their own. He emerged in the early 1970s and quickly established himself as one of the finest balladeers of a generation. A self-proclaimed piano man who always spoke to and for the working class, his music and storytelling are in a class all their own. … read more


My Father’s Place

No discussion of Long Island’s music scene would be complete without mention of My Father’s Place, a little club located in Roslyn that was an epicenter of musical talent in the 70s. And though it was open for a mere 16 years and has long since dimmed its lights, it will always hold a fond place in the hearts of many a local music fan. … read more


Good Rats

Editor’s note: On July 11, 2013, we learned that Peppi Marchello passed away after suffering a heart attack at the age of 68. All of us at Long Island 70s Kid are terribly saddened by this news and wish to convey our thoughts and condolences to his friends and family. He was a homegrown Long Island rock and roll legend and will be sorely missed. … read more


Long Island Arena

Throughout the 70s, the Long Island Arena served the community by hosting hundreds of various events, sporting and otherwise. It would also become a footnote in rock and roll history thanks to a hit song that was recorded there in 1975. Let’s take a closer look at the history of this iconic Long Island venue that thrived in the 70s, yet now only exists in the form of memories. … read more



Granted, they weren’t even from New York, but that never stopped Long Islanders from adopting the band Zebra as one of their own. And, although they were little more than a cover band in the 70s, they were a damn popular one, and better things were lurking on the horizon for this rockin’ trio. … read more


Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert

Just about every musical act from the 70s wanted to make an appearance on Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert, and most of them succeeded. From 1973-1981, viewers stayed up late on Saturday nights in droves to tune in and watch some of the biggest names in rock and roll perform their music live on television. … read more