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Real fans of phonograph records in the 70s learned that retail stores weren’t where the real gems were found. Those could only be discovered at the independent places. One such legendary audio oasis was the Record Stop in Ronkonkoma.

The Record Stop opened in 1974, owned by a man named Bruce Berg. It offered all the hard to find vinyl you could ever hope for, putting places like Sam Goody to shame.


For over 40 years, the Record Stop sat at 279 Portion Rd, just across from the Agnew and Taylor Hardware store. The store enjoyed an enormous following among local music fans and had a reputation for being able to find just about any music you were looking for.

Many can attest to looking for a particular record for years before finally getting their hands on one at the Record Stop. After a while, you just stopped going anywhere else.


And then the unthinkable happened. Almost four decades after selling its first record, the store closed in 2010. Loyal customers were distraught but Berg moved the operation to a warehouse in Shirley and continued to serve his customers in an online capacity until he retired in 2015.

Long Island is missing so many great places from the 70s, but I’m happy to report that this story has a happy ending. Bruce Berg’s son Jeff is now the new owner of Record Stop and re-opened the famed music store nearby in Patchogue on Railroad Avenue.

Granted, if you used to walk to the old store in Ronkonkoma, you’ll have to travel a bit farther, but it’s sure nice to know that there are a few things from back in the day that have hung around.

Did you ever buy any vinyl from the Record Stop. Were you a regular? I’d love to hear all of your memories in our comments section below.


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  1. Ron HUTHER says:

    The most amazing record shop. I’d find my way from Sayville when I ever could could convince someone to drive me. They had imports and bootlegs. Tapes of live concerts of your favorite band not bailable anywhere. Before the internet age and YouTube you were kinda stuck with Record World type shops with mostly official releases. Record Stop had the obscure stuff. It was Disney Land for music lovers.

    Next time on the Island I’ll stop by the new shop in Patchogue.

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