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  1. I remember Mister Softee carried these but I was always partial to the Nutty Buddy.

    • 70sKid says:

      I’m not familiar with the Nutty Buddy. Can you describe it?


      • Scott B. says:

        I used to get tons of the Nutty Buddys, they were like regular ice cream cones with vanilla ice cream, but topped with a 1/4 inch round cap of chocolate, crushed peanuts and maybe nougat or whatever. So damned good. I also used to love Bomb Pops of course, and those Good Humor ice cream chocolate covered bars with the solid chocolate piece in the middle on the stick! At one point we also had a Farmer’s Market truck come around or whatever it was called, and I’d be addicted to Sugar Babies for a few months.

  2. Kascha K says:

    ZOMG!!!!! Bomb Pops?! I tell people about these ALL THE TIME and nobody knows what I’m talking about until I describe them! And for one commenter on here to mention Mr. Softy too? Oh ya the truck used to come right past my house on Kennedy Ave. in Hempstead.

    How much did I need a Bomb Pop? One of the families living across the street from us had two sons, and one of them had a hopeless crush on me. One time my folks were at the laundry mat and all of us kids were out playing in the neighborhood but they had locked us out. We didn’t have any money when Mr. Softy showed up, but our back door was pretty flimsy lock-wise and I actually convinced my “lover” to kick it open so my brothers, sister and I could get money for ice cream.

    ALL of us got paddled for this. And paddled. And paddled. Was it worth it? Yes.

  3. I usually got soft serve cones from the ice-cream truck, and Bomb Pops, ice cream bars, creamsicles, fudgesicles and ice cream sandwiches at the corner store. I loved Bomb pops! I even have some doll sized versions for my 18 inch dolls. Now when I feel the need for some nostalgia in the form of a bomb pop, I do get a box of Firecrackers from Popsicle.

  4. Theresa says:

    Bomb Pops were my favorite! Not sure why… I always felt like that thing was huge, maybe I thought I was getting a better deal. Great memories of being given a dollar just before sunset, running out to the ice cream truck and finishing the Bomb Pop (brother always got a Charleston Chew) while watching the fireflies come out. Gooood times!

  5. Cindy says:

    I always got the (fudge) bomb pop from the ice cream man when I had enough money. It was soooo much bigger than the regular fudgesickle. And there was nothing that cooled me off better after playing outside all day than a wonderful giant chocolate fudge bomb pop. I would love to find them again in just plain chocolate fudge. No bananas or any other flavor in them. I think I need to go shopping now to find some….

  6. Bev says:

    I loved bomb pops from the ice cream truck. If the were out of the red, white, and blue the banana fudge was just as good.

  7. Does anyone remember how much these treasured Bomb Pops cost back in the early 1970’s? I remember buying them from the ice cream truck that came down our street in the summertime.

  8. Cindi says:

    The size has drastically changed . The name needs readjusted to mini bomb . I mean back in day the bomb pop was da bomb cause it was huge !

    • Susan Gunderson says:

      This was my absolute favorite!! So refreshing and delicious. I ❤all things 70s. Thanks for this!
      Westchester 70s kid

  9. Lynda says:

    I love Bomb Pops but I like them when they were bigger

  10. Joey says:

    The size is way too small now! Used to get Bomb Pops at the roller rink and they were at least twice as big as these “junior” bomb pops! The new ones don’t last long enough!!

  11. Brenda says:

    Does anyone remember the cinnamon popsicles from early 70’s. I used to get them from the ice cream truck. Can’t remember the actual name of them.

  1. January 18, 2016

    […] it a couple bonus points, though, because the pastel red and blue shield marshmallows remind me of Bomb Pops. Oh, if only this cereal were cherry, lime, and raspberry […]

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