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  1. John says:

    I had a CB base station in my basemenet around 1973, give or take (I was about 16 at the time). This was before the craze hit later in the 70’s. My dad put an antenna on the roof and I was able to talk to other CB’s in a several mile radius. The problem was that my signal would wipe out television reception at the next door neighbors! An in-line filter from Radio Shack took care of that little issue. My handle at the time was Godzilla.

    I joined the mobile CB craze later on with the handle “Rocket Man”. There was always someone to talk to on the LI Expressway!

    10-4, Good Buddy, signin’ off! See ya on the flip side!

    • TinPan Don says:

      Just so you know, it was nice for you to get the filter but did you know if your CB was wiping out someones TV it’s actually the owner of the TV who is responsible to install a filter in their TV. According to the FCC. As long as your CB is legal with no kicker or other boosters or effects.

  2. Rob says:

    Thanks so much for this post, and ALL of these amazing posts. You are reminding me of so many things that I haven’t thought of for 40 years!

    If I remember right, when CB’s first started to get popular, there were only 23 channels available. But the explosion in the use of CB’s prompted the FCC to open up it up to 40 channels — though I don’t remember what year that happened.

    I was in middle school when all this became popular, and had a couple of radios — my favorite was my Cobra 40-channel, very similar to this one . All sorts of kewl knobs and switches!

    One aspect of the CB radio craze that you don’t hear much about (not that you hear much about the 70’s CB radio craze anyway…) are QSL cards. I was BIG into this. They were postcards that you’d design yourself with some hand-drawn (sometimes lewd) design, which would include your handle, your license number, and your mailing address. Somebody would send you a pack of 10 of their own QSL cards, and also include several from other people. Then you’d put together envelopes of 10 of your cards, plus some others and send them on to everyone who’s QSL card you’d just received. It was sort of like a chain-letter, really. I had hundreds of QSL cards from people all over the United States. I guess the idea was that if you traveled somewhere, you would have somebody you could contact over the CB while you were there.

    I just did a Google search and came up with this groovy site: order Lyrica I didn’t find my card, but I also didn’t look through the 10,412 cards that are there…

    My handle was Dr. Pepper. And for the record, as stated on my card, “I QSL 100%” (which meant that if you sent me cards, I would absolutely send you cards…no wasted “sends”) 🙂

    Oh, and I have no idea what “QSL” stood for. Hmmmm….

  3. Dave says:

    Yeah, end of junior high school in ’77, I had a base in the basement and the 40′ whip on the parents roof! Then when I was awarded a wonderful Ford Pinto as a “gift” for landing an electronics assy. job in Westbury, I went mobile with the thing and used it “to meet chicks” at 17. Trouble was, I was meeting the 23-and-older ones who had no interest in a teen, so I dunno what the hell they were on the air for to begin with.

  4. Dave says:

    My handle was “Bongs Away”.

  5. cb radios says:

    A CB radio or “citizens band” radio is the perfect medium range communications tool. The average store bought 2 way radio usually operates on GRMS or FRS frequencies. These frequencies are limited to a few miles and are limited even further by buildings, tress, mountains and all obstacles. CB radios can obtain ranges up to 150 miles, sometimes more. CB’s operate on a different frequency than traditional consumer radios which allows them to obtain these extended ranges and makes them a preferable communications tools.

  6. Phil from Commack says:

    Back in the 70`s, I was a member of Suffolk County REACT, the volunteers that monitored channel 9.
    I still have a CB radio in my pickup truck.

  7. moonshadow says:

    Dad was a trucker and had a base at the house in the 60’s. Back then I went by the “Little pony”. His call letters were KBP-6994. H e went by BIG SLIM. I dont know what ever happoned to his collection of CB cards but there were hundreds of them stacked in his desk drwer. Every once in awhile i would pull them out and look athem all.,and there were some crazy ones! I do remember one from Arthur Godfrey. I would be interested to know if anyone has our card in there rellic collection. There was a pony on the card. Big Slim and Little pony. Call letters KBP-6994.. Thanks Patty P.

  8. Can’t use a cell phone to warn others about smokey etc.. Anyways, my handle was the Italian stallion. Rocky came out in 76, same year I got my Cb. Good ole days!!

  9. Jim F says:

    My dad was a trucker and cb’er since the early 1960’s. His handle was Boll Weevil and he made quite a few friends on the air and at the “coffee breaks” that were held at various locations on the Island. I wish I could remember all the handles of his friends but two come to mind-Jabberwocky from Selden and Scavenger from the Port Washington area.I guess it’s true what they say about the apple not falling far from the tree. I’m a trucker and my cb handle is Boll Weevil.

  10. I’ve been a cb’er for about 32 years I Love helping the truck drivers out when I Can

  11. john morelli says:

    be great to have a old fashion meet and greet, talk the old days.

  12. not given says:

    I remember my grandpa’s “Truck Driver’s Dictionary” he kept in his car, which I guess was like the CB version of the Preppy Handbook. It had all of the 10- codes, nicknames, slang, etc. We even had a rooftop antenna mounted on our house so I could use my CB ‘base station’ in my room!

  13. Duke says:

    I got my first CB (a Pace 162) for Christmas in 1975, and used the handle ‘Duke’ (I had a very deep voice, even for a teen). When I got my driver’s license, I purchased a Midland 13-892 CB, because it had 40 channels and SSB – and I also bought a ‘whip’ antenna for the car I was using (a 1966 Ford Fairlane) at the time. The last CB purchase I ever made was a President Washington Base unit (ca. 1982 or so). But, CB interests eventually gave way to video arcades and home video game consoles. I eventually got rid of all my CB equipment sometime in the early ’90s. I do miss those days though… hanging out in my room and chatting/listening the night away with many people on the CB. I’d take the good-nature’d 70’s CB chat, over the course internet postings that seem so prevalent today.

  14. Time Bomb says:

    We just lost Man O’ War RIP good buddy

  15. Scott says:

    My handle was the Mad Scientist, which eventually just got shortened to “Mad”. I had a GE 40 channel base station with actual fake wood grain top! There were always several groups of kids talking about stuff every night after dinner. The original social media experiment.

  16. Januarian says:

    I had spent eighteen years in the overbearing shadow of my parents’ expectations, while at the same time being bullied through middle school and the first part of high school for being perceived as “different.” A couple of weeks after my eighteenth birthday, I bought a Midland c.b., and was given the handle, Starwatcher. It has since been replaced by Januarian, but it gave me a tremendous sense of independence, and on our local channel 22 I found a welcome, even enthusiastic, acceptance without regard to my awkward appearance, clumsy gestures, and my surname. The c.b. culture was a lifeline I desperately needed in that summer before I went up to college, and I went there with a renewed self-confidence and a sense of identity,

  17. Alice says:

    My older brother had one in his van. He was Midnight Cowboy. My older sister was Ragdoll. I didn’t have a handle. Too young at the time, and really didn’t care. My sister was obsessed though and loved to evesdrop on conversations her friends had by using my walkie talkies which would pick up signals when my brother’s van wasn’t around. I think she was a little paranoid that they were talking about her. She ended up breaking my walkie talkies. If Gladiator and Wildfire are still out there, give Ragdoll a call! She may be still listening.

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