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Forget those adult TV dinners. Back in the 70s, youngsters had their very own line of frozen meals. Libbyland dinners may not have lasted long, but they made quite an impression on millions of former kids who fondly remember these kid-friendly meals to this day. … read more



Back in 1973, the Mars candy company unveiled a new and sizable confection. The Marathon bar, packaged in a bright-red wrapper, was an instant hit and stayed in the candy aisle for the rest of the decade. Today, they reside in the extinct foods graveyard, but memories of this chewy treat remain in the minds of any former 70s kid. … read more


Drake’s Cakes

While the rest of the world mourns the demise of Hostess, there was another casualty in the snack cake world, one that hits a little closer to home for Long Island 70s Kids. Of course, we’re talking about those beloved Drake’s Cakes, an underdog that held its own on the East Coast for over a century, then disappeared almost overnight. Let’s take a look back. … read more



With its bright orange wrapper, emblazoned with the image of future Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson, it was hard to miss the Reggie! bar in the candy aisles. Making its major league debut in 1978, the Reggie! bar didn’t enjoy the same longevity of its namesake, but it was a fine confection, fondly remembered by many to this day. … read more


McDonaldland Cookies

As a kid, no meal at McDonald’s was complete without a box of McDonaldland Cookies. Featuring such familiar faces as Grimace, Hamburgler, Officer Big Mac, Captain Crook and, of course, Ronald himself, these tasty morsels were a must-have desert. Sadly, there are becoming harder to find with each passing year. … read more