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  1. says:

    I remember these. I havent seen a box in years. Thank you, Great Page. Mineola NY

  2. Nate says:

    I was a kid growing up on long island in the 70’s and for decades I have been haunted by the memory of a tv dinner with a pirate on the box…

  3. OMG. This brought back SO many memories! Although it was 45 years ago, I instantly recalled smells and flavors (and memories ) that I hadn’t thought about for over four decades.! Mom bought these all the time and I LOVED them. Thank you!

  4. Donna says:

    I absolutely Loved Libbyland dinners! So exciting as a child going to the store with mom and “picking out” my favorite Lobby dinners, then enjoying my little mini burger or hotdog, don’t forget the delicious hot pudding. Mom would fold the box so I could eat my dinner while reading the back, So much fun, Really! Kids just don’t have it as good now and they don’t even know it, sad, lol.

  5. I actually searched for “evidence” of these today on a whim, and sure enough, there was “evidence” (Colombo has NOTHING on me!)… I did not read thoroughly because I was so struck with this venture down “Amnesia Lane” I went to Safeway and checked the frozen food section hoping they’d be there… Alas, they were not… Upon further “Colomboing” I learned they left us around 1976… Have I lived so long because of all the “preservatives” I consumed in my Pirate Picnics, Sundown Suppers, and Sea Diver’s Dinners?

  6. Darrell Dent says:

    The main thing I remember about these dinners is the corn ending up in the hot pudding a lot and the Nestle Quick mix from the packet tasting not-quite-like Nestle Quick mix from the can

  7. Suzy says:

    Loved these dinners! Thanks for the post!

  8. Andrea K says:

    I LOVED these! And before learning about the manufacturer’s name only recently featured in the Food Network magazine, I would always reminisce them as “those tv dinners that had a pirate!”

  9. Patrick O'leary says:

    Wow!!,I remember these tv dinners when I was a kid in Los Angeles (woodland hills)in the 70’s. My sister and I would beg my mother to buy them for us. I loved the sundown supper. Great memories, seems so long ago.

  10. Jim says:

    How about the GREAT silver aluminum trays embossed with characters you discovered after eating the delicious food.
    I sent away for my own Libbyland mug to stir my magic milk mix in. Still have it along with great memories!!!

  11. Matt says:

    The Box sure does bring back a lot of memories! This was a treat in our house, not a staple. Thanks for the memory!

  12. matt bartell says:

    Libbyland Dinners were a staple at my house every Christmas eve,it was a splurge for my parents but other than the christmas presents it’s what I remember most.Wish the would come back,bet alot of my generation would love them even updated for today!

  13. Charles says:

    I remember they had this very distinct taste not bad for a kid growing up pure joy THANKEE MOM

  14. Anonymous says:

    they were awful. i can still smell the red goop that was included in one of the meals. (don’t remember which one).

  1. November 3, 2022

    […] TV Dinners did not have a very long lifespan, only lasting on the market until 1976, according to Long Island 70s Kid. The meals clearly had all of the traits of a product that could be marketed to children, but […]

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