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  1. Christopher Santoro says:

    Jerry Lewis in lake ronk right next to Roy rodgers

  2. Dayna says:

    Jerry Lewis theater in Massapequa now Staples. I saw Grease there in 1978.

  3. Debby says:

    Yes! I did go to this Jerry Lewis Theater in Lake Rononkoma from 1972 when I started to date my husband when we were just 16 yrs old, till 1977 when we married.
    Love that Youtube video of a rare look inside one of the last JL theaters! Sure looks exactly like what I remember! Thank you!
    I can only imagine what kids and teens will have to look back on….like, how much change will there be from all the up and coming new technology? Scary!

  4. Fritz says:

    JL cinema in West Islip on Union Blvd. Have not passed the old neighbourhood in 2 decades, but a bowling alley was in the strip, or nearby, and a King Kullen or Grand Union was in the two strips of stores along that section of road, East of Higbie Lane. Speaking of these markets, it would always vex me to see Captain Kangaroo at one of these stores. My mom encouraged me to say hello, but I’m sure Bob Keeshan was approached by the local kids often enough that he appreciated me shrinking deeper into the shopping cart.

  5. Mike S. says:

    Oh, yeah, I remember the Jerry Lewis cinema in lake Ronkonkoma. I went there many times. After the show we’d often walk over to Friendly’s for some ice cream or maybe a burger. We could also walk to the town, which was right next door. One of my favorite places to go was Tom’ Stationary. It was much more then a Stationary store. They had magazines but also baseball gloves and balls, bats, RC cars, Wacky Packs! It seemed like I could get almost anything I wanted at Toms Stationary.

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